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    ※Our Factory

    Specializing in the production of various specifications of cable joints and wire fittings manufacturers. The company integrates scientific research, production and sales. The main products are metal and nylon cable waterproof joints.

    ※Our Product
    Stainless steel cable waterproof connector M type, anti-electromagnetic stainless steel cable waterproof connector, stainless steel cable waterproof connector PG type, stainless steel cable waterproof connector G type NPT type, brass plug cap, nylon cable fixing head, TH welded metal cable connector, TJ clamping Metal cable connector, porous metal cable connector, metal hose connector.

    ※Product Application
    Products are widely used in electronics, machinery, instrumentation, electrical equipment and other industrial fields. Shipbuilding industry Lighting industry Instrumentation industry Electrical industry.

    ※Our Certificate
    CE, SGS, IP68, HORS.

    ※Production Market
    National; Africa; Japan; East Asia; Global; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

    ※Our Service
    Machining; assembly; electrical assembly; other electrical processing.Cable Accessories

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