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    Collapsible Bamboo Dish Drying Rack
    Product Description
    The collapsible bamboo disk drying rack is a great natural addition to any kitchen. The 2-tier design allows the plate to be Air-dried on top while cups and bowls can be put at the bottom. It features 14 slots that can hold full size dinner plates. It can be easily stored when it is not in used to keep your counter clutter free. Best of all, it can be cleaned easily with water and mild soap and allow it to air-dry and wipe with clean cloth.

    Product Features
    * 2 TIRES DISH DRYING RACK: the drying rack features 2 tiers and 20 slots with large capacity. The upper drying rack is designed for 20 full-size square or round plates and cutting board, keep your plates upright and accessible. The bottom one is for bowls, cups, mugs, glass and kitchen utensils.
    * COLLAPSIBLE X DESIGN: X design makes the drainer rack more stable, easily collapsible ability make it easy to be stored, take up minimal counter top space.
    * PREMIUM NATURAL BAMBOO: this dish rack with 100% bamboo material which is a renewable resource that makes a great alternative from plastic. It’s stronger and sturdier than wood, and environmentally friendly. Bamboo has a unique antibacterial odor resistant quality which preserves its material for years.

    Product Details
    Product Name:Collapsible Bamboo Dish Drying Rack
    Material:100% Natural Bamboo
    Size:45 x 33 x 4(23)cm
    Item No.:HB2004
    Surface Treatment:Varnished
    Standard Packaging:Brown Box, 6pcs/ctn
    Customized Packaging:Color Box
    Carton Size:47 x 35 x 24 cm
    Volume: 0.039 cbm
    Logo:Laser Engraved, Burnt, Silk Printing
    MOQ:1000 pcs
    Sample Lead-time:7~10 days
    Mass Production Lead-time:35~45 days

    Care Tips
    Allow the dish rack to dry in the open after wiping done. Do not wash in the dish washer.

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